The Weight Lifter

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Did Day #2 of the 10's yesterday, went ok. Also did 17 cardio, and then 33 cardio today. The holidays have been keeping me busy, so I haven't been keeping up with this as much (but still, of course, working out) .

Today's Stats

Weight: 00 pounds
Protein:00 grams
% Protein:00%
% Carb:00%
% Fat:00%

Monday, December 26, 2005


I took off three days, as I went to the beach with my parents (Sunset Beach, NC - very nice trip!) We walked a lot on the beach, I'd est. about 30 mins a day at least.

I had a large jump on weight, probably from all the Christmas crap (lots-o-sweets, something I normally avoid).

Has a 6 AM workout this morning; start of the 10's. Went ok. Did 5 cardio as a warm-up, then 33 on the bike after.

I could feel the difference on the start of the 10's - last work out next week is gonna suck!

As I took off Sat/Sunday, I'm going to do back-to-back lifting tomorrow, then finish up on Thursday.

I'm thinking of going back to Max-OT after this cycle of HST. Have to see how it goes.

Today's Stats

Lifting:Day 1 HST 10's
Weight: 255 pounds
Protein:175 grams
% Protein:39%
% Carb:31%
% Fat:25%

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Finished up the last 15's of HST. This was the one where I went to failure on the last rep. As expected, I was off a bit. On some, I pushed the weight up on the 2nd set and noted it (and entered it new, for the new cycle). On others I just keep doing reps until failure.

REALLY nasty workout, but felt great after. Will be sore tomorrow. I can see that last workout on the 5's is gonna just suck :D

I've added a new # next to Weight - This is my weight trend. For the first time this month, I'm having a negative tend - that is, I'm loosing weight. That current trend is to loose 1.6 pounds a week. The max you normally want to do is -4, but a good target for not loosing muscle mass is around -2. So good deal :)

Looking back, my steepest trend was in the midst of the major weight loss - a whopping -6.9! That's a HUGE weight loss, too much, but it sure did take it off quick

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST 15's, day 6
Weight: 248.2 pounds / -1.6
Protein:213 grams
% Protein:47%
% Carb:27%
% Fat:21%

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hard getting to the Gym tonight, but put in 33 mintues of cardio. Was thinking of doing more, but just beat + I have to work more tonight.

Kinda blew it at lunch. Had a moe's with Chicken, beans, and rice (no cheese or sour cream). Got home and looked i up - Over 1k In that thing! Gawd, talk about eating all your cals at once. So I'm having to skip my post-workout food, which is always dangerous (as I may end up eating later, very bad). Planning to suck a Muscle Milk down in a couple of hours - if I can get to there, I'll be GTG

Today's Stats

Lifting:Day off
Weight: 251 pounds
Protein:189 grams
% Protein:35%
% Carb:420%
% Fat:220%

Monday, December 19, 2005

12/19/05 Info

Today I did day 5 of HST 15 reps. I noticed it's starting to get tougher - day 6 should be to failure. I'm pretty sure I'm off on my base weights, or at least on some - for example, I'm doing 70 on shrugs (each hand), so 80 will be my target for failure on 15's... but I may be able to do more. As this is my first pass at HST, I'm expecting tweaks like that. I'll see how it goes - I may up the weight on the second set on day #6, or I may just press until failure at the target weight.

I think my new name for HST is "Progressive Pain". It starts pretty laid back, but I can see that by the 5th or 6th work out, it gets nasty... then resets to a bit more mellow and gets evey more nasty. By the 6th workout ont he 5's, it's just going to suck! :)

Today's Stats:

Lifting program: 45 Mins Weight lifting (HST 15 Rep, Day 5)
Weight: 250.00
Cal's: 1870
Protien - 263 grams (UGH!)
% Protien - 56%
% Carb - 22%
% Fat - 17%

Sunday, December 18, 2005

12/19 Stats

Today's Stats:
Lifting program: 65 mins cardio
Weight: 250.00

Friday, December 16, 2005


I'm moving my lifting/health diary on-line, to blogger.

I've been working out for the last couple of years, seriously - I lost 45 pounds last year, and have put on a pretty good amount of muscle (actually have gained 25 pounds of that weight loss back - a LOT of it muscle, but some fat :( ).

For the last 1.5 years I've primarily been doing a modified Max-OT program. It's basically two muscle groups a night, for about 1.5 hour (max of two), really heavy weight, 6 nights a week. It's a really tough program, as lifting max weight on a nightly basis can grind you down, but I believe it's effective. I do that 8-11 weeks, take 5 days off, then do it again.

I just switched to HST in the last couple of weeks. I felt I needed a break from Max-OT, and HST looks like a solid program - I may only do one pass (8 weeks); I'll see how it goes.

I've actually been having trouble with my weight as of late - I was down to a low of 225, with a high of 270. I'm right at 250 right now. I really was focusing on weight lifting this year, and kinda lost track of the diet. I believe that if I can watch my calories and continue with the lifting/cardio program, I'll be good to go.

I actually was crazy on my cal level when I lost the weight - I lost 45 pounds in 4 months. I did it by eating very low cal and doing very long cardio - down to 900 cal a day, doing 2 hours of cardio. It WORKED, and I didn't have a lot of muscle loss as I also was lifting. But it's just very hard to keep it at that cal level. I've tried getting back on it again, but it just doesn't work. Plus, I believe I'd end up loosing a lot of my muscle mass if I did that at this point, so I'm trying to stay reasonable this time around.

My target is 2k calories a day, with lots of protein. No, that doesn't mean low carb! I'm not watch carbs, but I'm trying to get enough protein in the diet. I est. my burn rate at 2700-3000, so with 2k I should loose a pound or two a weekl. Based on my reading, I'm going to target 1 gram protein per pound of body weight. That's 250 grams a DAY, which is a hell of a lot. I will try doing that as close as possible, even though based on past experience I will get tired of all the damn egg weights that will take! :) I'm still lifting really hard, so if I can do 2k, loose a pound a week and continue to bulk muscle, I should be in gooood shape