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Monday, December 19, 2005

12/19/05 Info

Today I did day 5 of HST 15 reps. I noticed it's starting to get tougher - day 6 should be to failure. I'm pretty sure I'm off on my base weights, or at least on some - for example, I'm doing 70 on shrugs (each hand), so 80 will be my target for failure on 15's... but I may be able to do more. As this is my first pass at HST, I'm expecting tweaks like that. I'll see how it goes - I may up the weight on the second set on day #6, or I may just press until failure at the target weight.

I think my new name for HST is "Progressive Pain". It starts pretty laid back, but I can see that by the 5th or 6th work out, it gets nasty... then resets to a bit more mellow and gets evey more nasty. By the 6th workout ont he 5's, it's just going to suck! :)

Today's Stats:

Lifting program: 45 Mins Weight lifting (HST 15 Rep, Day 5)
Weight: 250.00
Cal's: 1870
Protien - 263 grams (UGH!)
% Protien - 56%
% Carb - 22%
% Fat - 17%


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