The Weight Lifter

Monday, July 24, 2006

Back Blogging - Golds Contest.

Well, the Golds contest next Thursday. I have, of course, been eating badly :)

It's three months, the winner is the person that loses more than 11 pounds and the highest % of body weight lost. 'Course I am unlikely to win, as I'm a big guy that could loose a fair amount of weight. I predict that the winner will be a short slightly chubby person.

Anyway, regardless, I don't do anything half way, so even though I'm sure that I won't WIN, this will be a great way to really focus on loosing some weight. I've been very happy over the the last six months on strength and muscle gains, but I really need to go back to cutting.

I'm obviously off on what I was planning to do this year (D'oh!) so this might get me back on track.