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Monday, December 26, 2005


I took off three days, as I went to the beach with my parents (Sunset Beach, NC - very nice trip!) We walked a lot on the beach, I'd est. about 30 mins a day at least.

I had a large jump on weight, probably from all the Christmas crap (lots-o-sweets, something I normally avoid).

Has a 6 AM workout this morning; start of the 10's. Went ok. Did 5 cardio as a warm-up, then 33 on the bike after.

I could feel the difference on the start of the 10's - last work out next week is gonna suck!

As I took off Sat/Sunday, I'm going to do back-to-back lifting tomorrow, then finish up on Thursday.

I'm thinking of going back to Max-OT after this cycle of HST. Have to see how it goes.

Today's Stats

Lifting:Day 1 HST 10's
Weight: 255 pounds
Protein:175 grams
% Protein:39%
% Carb:31%
% Fat:25%


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