The Weight Lifter

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hard getting to the Gym tonight, but put in 33 mintues of cardio. Was thinking of doing more, but just beat + I have to work more tonight.

Kinda blew it at lunch. Had a moe's with Chicken, beans, and rice (no cheese or sour cream). Got home and looked i up - Over 1k In that thing! Gawd, talk about eating all your cals at once. So I'm having to skip my post-workout food, which is always dangerous (as I may end up eating later, very bad). Planning to suck a Muscle Milk down in a couple of hours - if I can get to there, I'll be GTG

Today's Stats

Lifting:Day off
Weight: 251 pounds
Protein:189 grams
% Protein:35%
% Carb:420%
% Fat:220%


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