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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Finished up the last 15's of HST. This was the one where I went to failure on the last rep. As expected, I was off a bit. On some, I pushed the weight up on the 2nd set and noted it (and entered it new, for the new cycle). On others I just keep doing reps until failure.

REALLY nasty workout, but felt great after. Will be sore tomorrow. I can see that last workout on the 5's is gonna just suck :D

I've added a new # next to Weight - This is my weight trend. For the first time this month, I'm having a negative tend - that is, I'm loosing weight. That current trend is to loose 1.6 pounds a week. The max you normally want to do is -4, but a good target for not loosing muscle mass is around -2. So good deal :)

Looking back, my steepest trend was in the midst of the major weight loss - a whopping -6.9! That's a HUGE weight loss, too much, but it sure did take it off quick

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST 15's, day 6
Weight: 248.2 pounds / -1.6
Protein:213 grams
% Protein:47%
% Carb:27%
% Fat:21%


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