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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Very. Tired.

Argh. I want FOOD! :)

I've been doing 120 a day Warbiking. Hunter is ALMOST 33 now (I love STV, it's GREAT for quests).

I was ultra-fried this morning, and was going to call in sick for a couple of days. About 1 I broke down and downed two Red Bulls - the no cal version, so I'm still very much on the fast.

WHEW! To say I woke up is a understatement! Going good even though it's evening now (just finished up the 100th hour of Warbiking!!!)

I am at 240, with a variance of -5.1. But the really great thing is my Trend weight is right at 245 - that is the LOWEST it's been since I started doing this! And that's the # that really has meaning. It's also the lowest it has been since 3/11 of this year. If I can manage to not turn into a food-mad starving person next week, and keep to this diet, I'l be heading to my low point a couple of years ago.

I am debating ending the fast tomorrow, or going one more day. I really would like to do one more today, as that's a damn long time of fasting. I guess I'll see how fried I am in the morning.


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