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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Looking back

One thing that's handy is that I've been tracking what I've been doing since 1/1/2004 - daily weigh-ins, over-all cal intake, exactly what I ate, working out, etc.

So, I can look back and identify exactly when I was doing the best, when I lost the most, when I gained, what I was doing, etc.

I'm doing really well this month, so did some research. Anything to keep on track :)

It turns out MOST of my weight loss in '04 was between 4/1/04 and 5/31/04 - I lost 22 pounds in two months. There was 10 pounds before that, and a slow loss of 10 pounds after, but I was really shedding weight during that period.

In April '04, I was on a 1073 cal deficit a day / -2.1 trend. In May, it was 1012, -2.0.

My lowest cals in a day was 750, my highest was 4060. I did cardio daily, hitting 1 hour 40 mins at the top. In April I didn't go to the gym 4 days (yikes! That's a lot of Golds!) and in May I also only missed 4 days.

So, a few things from this - I'm on a very solid track. As of this morning, I've lost 10 pounds on the nose (242, trend of -5.5, -2.5 over all w/ a deficit of 1258 day). I've already missed four days from the Gym, but have done a lot of cardio (101 mins one day, 93 on another). And my cals have ranged from 624 (fasting day) to 3004 on a day I got off. I've also not gone "off" the program, even over the weekend, which is a shock (off = multiple bad meals, or consecutive days of bad meals. I've fallen off the wagon twice, but for one meal, and over-all cals didn't exceed my resting burn rate). Even in '04 I messed up at least one day on the weekend (Burger King + Movies = Lots of Cals).

So, I need to just continue on the eating track - it's going VERY well. Weight lifting schedule is fine, but I should be hitting cardio more in the off days (as the # of days I do SOMETHING at the gym sure seems to correlate to over-all progress. Even if it's just a 30 min ride on the bike).


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