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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Another very solid day, food-wise. B came over last night - I made her a porterhouse while I had two chicken breasts :)

Finished HST 10's day #6 (so that's it for the 10's - start 5's on Saturday). Went pretty good, but a real killer of a workout. Was going to do some cardio after, but I was FRIED. Hit very near the correct weights, to failure - had to decrease forearm by 5, and increased tri's by 10.

Daily trend continued at -4.0 per week, and my over-all monthly trend is 2.9 a week with a 1429 daily deficit. I can see the last time around gave me some knowledge - I'm hitting very near my original goals and # guesses.

While I am ahead of schedule weight-wise (245 on the 16th was a milestone), I find that the first week of a diet does this. Your body don't know it's really starving yet, so you loose fast. And some of it's water (I have been UZZLING water, so hope not a lot of that!)

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST - 10's /#6
Cardio:5 minutes
Weight: 246.8 / -4.0
Calories:1444 total
Protein:148 grams
% Protein:41%
% Carb:38%
% Fat:16%


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