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Monday, January 09, 2006

Milestone #1

Well, I hit the 248.50 pounds by 1/9/06 Milestone. I was at 246.2 this morning. So, "real" weight I've lost about 6 pounds the first week. Some water weight, but still doing good. My trend is at 249.4 / -3.2, and monthly is at -2.2 / 1099 cal a day deficit. Which is off from my goal of -2.67; I over-ate this weekend, which didn't help. If I keep at ~1500 cals a day, I should be over that # (and hope to re-adjust!!!)

Doing HST 5's #2 tonight. Should be a solid workout.

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST - 5's / #2
Push-ups20 M/ 15 T
Cardio:93 minutes
Weight: 262.2 pounds
Calories:1014 total
Protein:122 grams
% Protein:48%
% Carb:30%
% Fat:16%


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