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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Really solid day on the cal level - very much into kietosis now, so very little hunger. I had LOT of trouble getting to sleep last night, which I attribute to the restricted cals.

At a -4.0 trend, with a average of -2.7 pounds a week, and a deficit of 1345 cals - which would put my break-even point at 2845 cals. So I'm exactly on track to my target weekly weight loss at the moment. I THINK I'm going to far on the cals - may bump by 200-300, but we'll see how it goes, as it will take a week or so to nail down actual burn vs loss rates.

Today's Stats

Lifting: HST - OFF
Sit-ups 200
Push-ups 15M/15T
Cardio: 33 minutes
Weight: 247.2 / -4
Calories: 1480 total
Protein: 152 grams
% Protein: 41%
% Carb: 37%
% Fat: 19%


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