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Friday, January 06, 2006


Up in daily weight, but my "Real" weight this month has been 252, 251.7, 251.2, 250.8, 250.3, and then 250.2 today - even with the chow-fest last night. Trend is at -1.0, monthly is 1326 deficit a day (2.7 pounds), so exactly on track even though the scale doesn't reflect that.

I have to deal with this - I KNOW it's going to happen, doubly so when I don't eat enough in a day. As long as it doesn't happen often, I KNOW it doesn't matter and I'll still meet my goals - but I feel like shit that I didn't keep to my plan, which can get me to eat MORE (stupid, eh?) which WILl get me off the plan.

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST - OFF
Cardio:00 minutes
Weight: 294.2 / -1.0
Calories:00 total
Protein:00 grams
% Protein:00%
% Carb:00%
% Fat:00%


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