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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Took the day off from the Gym (was just a cardio day)

Eating was on track - which is GREAT, 'cause weekends are the hardest, and Sunday is my "Weakest" day of the weekend. B and I went and got dinner, which was good, as I avoid my normal bad chineese feast.

Should meet my target #1 of 248.5 tommow. "course that's not "Trend" weight - not sure if I should use that instead of actual, as actual is kinda meaninless.

Trend is at -2.8 right now, and montly is -2.2 (1121 deficit a week - a bit off, but ok).
Also noticed I'm all in the red this month (loosing trend every day), which is a first for a VERY long time!

Today's Stats

Cardio:00 minutes
Weight: 247 pounds
Calories:1344 total
Protein:115 grams
% Protein:34%
% Carb:49%
% Fat:12%


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