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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Had a a bit of slip today. Ended up eating REALLY bad tonight... I rather not get into details, but lets just say Papa Johns was involved...

So, Post mortem:
  • Been very light on sleep all week
  • Work was VERY stressful, doubly so today
  • Didn't eat enough food (400 cals by 6 PM!), and then went and did card. Actually had to stop 'cause I was getting light headed. Ate a bannnana, but that wasn't enough, sooo.. :)

Plan to improve:

  • Can't do much about the sleep and stress, without quitting the job
  • EAT MORE FOOD! Don't get so hungry, and don't go to the Gym when I could crash like that.

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST - OFF
Cardio:25 minutes
Weight: 246.4 -3.9
% Protein:
% Carb:
% Fat:


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