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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hah, went way off cal-wise tommorow. With the burn I've been doing shoudn't impact too much, as long as it doesn't extend into this weekend.

Was at 242.2 pounds today (10 pounds lost!), at a really high trend rate of -5.5. While the cal was off, I ate a wopping 347 cals from potien - might be the highest EVER (ate off the diet, but had mostly meat)

Today's Stats

Lifting: HST - OFF
Sit-ups 200
Push-ups 00
Cardio: 34 minutes
Weight: 242.2 / -5.5
Calories: 3997 total
Protein: 347 grams
% Protein: 35%
% Carb: 26%
% Fat: 35%


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