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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Broke through the 145-ish plateau I seem to have hit. Need to be down 2.5 to hit the target Monday, which is going to be tough. Will try to stay exactly in the cal level this weekend, see what happens. I'd love to be able to break through into the 230's next week.

Trend is at -2.0, and Weekly loss is -2.2/-1109 cal. So I am not far off track. The very cool thing is, I have only had ONE day of "green" weight - that is, weight above the trend line. The thinking there is, even though I may increase/decrease on a daily basis, as long as I'm not above the trend line I am day in and day out loosing weight.

Work is also ultr-stresing me out, which isn't helping things :(

Today's Stats

Lifting:HST - Neg #1
Cardio:00 minutes
Weight: 244 pounds
Calories:00 total
Protein:00 grams
% Protein:00%
% Carb:00%
% Fat:00%


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