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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


At 244.6 today. Trend is at 246.6, with a trend variance at -2.o. I'm at a -2.5 pounds /1252 cal deficit, which is very much on track (been eating bad since this week, and having trouble getting back on it - but my definition of "bad" right now is probably better than "good" was a few years ago *grin*).

Ate kinda late tonight, be interested in seeing what the weight is, in the morning. Skipped cardio tonight as B and I went to a art opening.

Tommorrow is the last night of "normal" HST!

Today's Stats

Lifting: OFF
Sit-ups 200
Push-ups 00
Cardio: 00 minutes
Weight: 244.6 pounds
Calories: 00 total
Protein: 00 grams
% Protein: 00%
% Carb: 00%
% Fat: 00%


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