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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hackers Diet - Excel tracking

This is from the Excel Spread sheet of the Hackers Diet, back in 2004. Some interesting info:

  • I had 5 days of weight "gain", and 25 days of weight loss.
  • My highest pounds-per week average loss was -4.2. My highest trend gain was 2.5.
  • My actual weight went from 238 to 233.5 (4.5 pounds lost that month)
  • I was loosing, on average, 1.43 pounds a week during that month.
  • My "Trend" weight went from 238.7 to 234.0 (4.7 lost that month). Under this diet, that would be the meaning full numbers.

This goes back to the idea that a daily weight means nothing. For example, one day I weight 234, the next 239, 236, 237, 237, 235, and 233. I wasn't worried during that period, as I was very close to a 0 trend, and ended up at a -2.6 trend by the end of that. As long as the overall trend stays in the "red", everything is going good.

One of my best months I was loosing 2.72 a week, which is exactly where I want my over-all weight loss to stick. So this my goals are going may be a bit tougher than I thought - but still do-able


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