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Friday, February 10, 2006

Catch UP

Obviously off on my blog - work got (Very very) busy. Interestingly enough, instead of having some weight gain because of that, I've gone the other way. I guess it's SO much work, that I haven't been eating :)

I'm at 241.4 today, variance of -4.1 and a trend of 245.5. So schedule-wise, I'm fairly close to where I want to be. I've never gone off of Trend weight before, so this is going to be interesting - it takes a looong time for that time move, in comparison to actually weight (which is, of course, why I'm now using it).

I finished up HST last week, and am now on a 2 week break from lifting. I'm doing cardio at least every other night - Running, which is unusual for me, and the bike. I did 50 mins last night, and an hour on Tuesday.

Cal's have been low -1000 on wed, and 1254 yesterday.


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