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Monday, January 30, 2006


#5 of the HST Max cycle - 1 more to go. Lifted very heavy today, went well. ... Except I'm getting very frustrated with the new Golds. I went at 7, and the free weight area was so crowded that I came close to being hit a few times. At at 8:30, all the cardio equipment was in use, with a line to get on.. I would have been there at least a hour to wait. Which really sucks, as I wanted to do cardio. And there is no parking, most people are parking off the street on the side of the main road As this is the third time in the last week this has happened, I've just about had enough - going to call tomorrow to ask what's up. I really regret doing the two year, as at this point I almost rather find a smaller gym that I can actually use. This may end up making me buy some cardio equipment for the house :(

Today's Stats

Lifting: HST - #5 ax
Sit-ups 00
Push-ups 00
Cardio: 00 minutes
Weight: 00 pounds
Calories: 1789 total
Protein: 168grams
% Protein: 38%
% Carb: 39%
% Fat: 12%


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