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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2006 - Goals and the Plan

My stated goal:

Today, 2/1/2006, I weigh 246 pounds.

On Nov 29nd, 2006, I will weigh 196 pounds.

That's a total of 49 pounds in 44 weeks. 1.5 pounds a week average, w/ break point every three weeks - 4.5 pounds a month loss.

Whew! Lofty Goals! :) I was originally going to go for 3.5 pounds a week average, tried for 2.7 and had problems with it. 4 Pounds is considered the healthy max, but I want to be very careful about loosing this hard earned muscle, so am still shooting for 1.5 pounds a week - but knowing about plateau and such, I have built in a break every 4th week, where I can hit NO weight loss for that week - that is, no GAIN, but try to just weigh the same at the end of the week. I will likely allow myself the ONLY "pig-out" days during that time.

Now the next "little" bit:

How am I going to do this? - The Plan

First, I'm going to continue to use the tools of the Hackers Diet to track progress. This includes daily weigh-ins and tracking averages.

Using those tools, I calculate to loose 49 pounds in 44 weeks, I will need to have a daily calorie deficit of 640 calories (Spread over the entire period -slightly less on loss weeks, more on non). As my burn rate is at least 2800 a day, that's around 2160 calories I can eat a day - call it 2000. My burn rate was calculated 2 years ago when I lost the first 45 pounds (see the Hackers Diet for more info on doing this). I will track running average loss and total calories per day, so may adjust that number up or down.

I will continue to lift weights. This will be a mix of Max-OT, HST (HST cycle is done tonight!), and Body for Life. I will likely go back to a 10 week cycle of Max-OT, depending on how HST goes - I find lifting gets me to the gym, so the 6 days a week part of Max-OT is a really good idea, at least for me.

I will push cardio HARD! Looking back at the first 45, I know that the main part of weight loss is eating less than you burn. A vast majority of that is all about cals in - But a 40 mile, 2 hour bike ride a day will really help that a LOT. So I will do a min of 30 mins of cardio 6 days a week, and will push that up as much as possible.

I will continue this blog - having to keep it up and tracking my progress here will help me to keep focused.

I know this is a really big goal - but I lost almost that amount in 4 months before, and managed to keep most of it off - so I CAN, and WILL, do this! One thing I've learned - it really doesn't take that much time to do this. While 9 months may SEEM like a damn long time, I have doing this for a few years now (lifting, cardio, and a over-all good diet) - in the total scheme of things, that 9 months will be gone before I know it. And I DO know that I CAN and WILL be able to keep that weight off!

Here's a detail chart of my milestones over the next 44 weeks. The italic lines are "break even weeks":

WeekDateTarget WeightTotal LossPer Week
101/01/06 246.0001.5
201/08/06 244.501.501.5
401/22/06 241.504.501.5
501/29/06 240.006.000
702/12/06 238.507.501.5
902/26/06 235.5010.500
1003/05/06 235.5010.501.5
1103/12/06 234.0012.001.5
1203/19/06 232.5013.501.5
1303/26/06 231.0015.000
1404/02/06 231.0015.001.5
1504/09/06 229.5016.501.5
1604/16/06 228.0018.001.5
1704/23/06 226.5019.500
1804/30/06 226.5019.501.5
1905/07/06 225.0021.001.5
2005/14/06 223.5022.501.5
2105/21/06 222.0024.000
2205/28/06 222.0024.001.5
2306/04/06 220.5025.501.5
2406/11/06 219.0027.001.5
2506/18/06 217.5028.500
2606/25/06 217.5028.501.5
2707/02/06 216.0030.001.5
2807/09/06 214.5031.501.5
2907/16/06 213.0033.000
3007/23/06 213.0033.001.5


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